About Us

THANH BINH Manufacturing and Trade Company (THABICO) established in 1989 is leading company in Food Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Industrial Chemicals, Animal Feed, Food Packaging, Agricultural Products and other sectors in Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia and Area.

THABICO combines the power of Services, Technology, Creativity and Expertise with Human Element to passionately innovate what is essential to help you differentiate and develop. We are always thinking about how to revolutionize your products.

Warehouse of THABICO about 20,000 square meters newly built up and equipped could admit large volumes of materials under standard storage conditions conforming to food safety, hygiene and environment requirement.

We have a Laboratory sufficiently equipped and hygiene which can facilitate all lab scale test, measure and determine to meet complex and different requirements from customers.

Our organization consists of dynamic and experienced people. Sales Persons are professional, self driven and result oriented.  Sales Teams are organized by strategic divisions and departments including Industrial Chemicals, Food Ingredients, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Pharmaceutical, Animal Feed and Packaging.

Customer Service is professional, devoted and always available to assure on time and good service to customers.

Dynamic logistic team can ensure customers’ requirement for delivery on time in full with correct product quality.


The culture of THABICO:

  •      Respect to Success
  •      Clients – focused
  •      Respect, Persistant, Proactive, Adaptive, Teamwork

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