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The forerunner of Thabico Group was THANH BINH Manufacturing and Trade Company (THABICO), a company that was established in 1989 and operated in the fields of trading, and distributing of Food Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Ingredients, Cosmetics & Personal Care, Industrial Chemicals, Animal Feed, Food Packaging, Agricultural Products.

In 2005, Thabico Group expanded its business overseas with the establishment of 2 companies in Singapore and Malaysia.

Since 2008, Thabico Group has given priority to strongly developing food products with the establishment of 2 factories manufacturing cereal flakes, mixed powder and processed meat products located in Hoc Mon and Cu Chi Districts, Ho Chi Minh City.

From 2016 until now, Thabico Group is a leader in the agricultural sector, Thabico Group has invested heavily in factories and technologies that meet international quality standards., helping to increase the value of Vietnamese agricultural products. Thabico Group’s factories have the most modern technology in Vietnam.

Currently, Thabico Group has been focusing on developing a product from agriculture, help improve farmers’ incomes, contribute to local economic development, realize the vision of leading manufacturer and trader company exporting products from Vietnam’s leading agricultural products.


Established history

Thanh Binh Manufacturing and Trading Company, under the commercial name as THABICO has been established and specializes in distributing Food Ingredients, Pharmaceutical Excipients, Industrial Chemicals, Animal Feed, Food Packaging and Agricultural Products.

Thabico Representative Office in Malaysia has been founded and intended to expand our businesses into Asia Pacific region.

Pacific Food Technology Joint Stock Company has been incorporated as the pioneer of drum drying all types of nutritional cereal flakes and powder in the region.

Thabico Yangon Office in Myanmar has been operating in manufacturing and distributing of food ingredients and foodstuffs.

HorecaFood Joint Stock Company has been incorporated in manufacturing and distributing of processed meat and other food products under the brands Premio and Sunny to food service industry nationwide.

Thabico Food Industry Joint Stock Company has been established as one of the largest processors of fruit/vegetable NFC and concentrate in Vietnam.

Thabico Tien Giang Food Industry Joint Stock Company has been operating as the largest processor of IQF Fruit Vegetables and Coconut products in the region.

Ours target


As a business operating in Vietnam, we are aware of our four main missions:

Ours motto


Becoming Vietnam’s leading producer and exporter of agricultural products.

With the goal of becoming Vietnam’s leading producer and exporter of agricultural products, in the near future Thabico Food will continue to focus investment in equipment and workforce training to proffer optimal benefits to farmers, partners, customers, workers, and the community.

Thabico news

Recovery of processing and exporting agricultural products after the lockdown

(THTG) On April 11, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development of Tien Giang province held a conference to discuss the issue of linking production and consumption of some crops in Tien Giang province.

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