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Sustainable agriculture

of Thabico

Sustainable agriculture of Thabico

Raise awareness of farmers in sustainable agricultural production to improve the environment and community health.

Develop local economy and improve livelihoods, increase income for associated farmers.

Improve the value of local agricultural products.

Stabilize the source of raw materials to meet the company’s production goals.

Provide quality products to customers, thereby enhancing the reputation and brand of THABICO in the agricultural production industry as well as export market.

Sustainable agriculture of Thabico

1. Build organic coconut areas with Certified Organic Standards.

2. Establish a safe and sustainable material area with Rainforest Alliance Certification

  • Dragon fruit
  • Passion fruit
  • Lychee fruit

For farmers, the Company expects to:

  • Ensure output for farmers.
  • Support to improve cultivating for farmers to ensure the quality of agricultural products and increase farmers’ income.
  • Support the development of agricultural cooperatives to maximize benefits for farmers.
  • Participating in local community development programs make better environment for farmers.